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Leiken’s new metal finishes

In the world of design and architecture, we are seeing a return to the use of noble metallic materials. Materials such as copper and brass, for example, possess an inherent brightness and iridescence that can lend elegance, character, and three-dimensionality to the space: the surface covered with a metallic finish seems to acquire new hues as light and shadows change. Warm, bright and fascinating, metallic materials are increasingly finding people’s taste in kitchens as well, whether for component coatings, such as base and wall unit doors, or for grafting fine details with stylish finishes. In addition, metals such as copper have always been part of our history and, even today, are among the most durable materials.

Here are the latest Leiken finishes that will enhance the shapes and volumes of your kitchen.

Vintage light, a finish with an industrial character

Inspiration from the industrial world is a timeless trend in the world of interior design, and to embrace this aesthetic, we developed the “Vintage Light” finish. A handcrafted lacquered finish expertly crafted by skilled artisans for a unique and refined look. Available in three color variations. Whether you are fascinated by the classic look of industrial design, the luxury of gold, or rustic charm, you will find a “Vintage Light” finish that will satisfy your interior design desires.

X-Steel, the finish
for those who love steel

In today’s context, the “steel” effect is among the most popular. To respond to this trend, we have introduced a new finish in PET, an environmentally friendly and recyclable material, which accurately reproduces the appearance of a steel door. The color has been carefully selected to harmonize with the other materials in our collection, allowing us to create kitchens with a distinct personality

Metallic lacquered, the most elegant finish

Following the success of the metallic lacquered finish, a special lacquered that mechanically reproduces the effect of a satin-finished metal sheet, we are including two new color variants in the catalog, carefully developed to fit in perfectly with the latest color trends in interior design: Royal Brown and Royal Gold.

The new Leiken metal finishes are not only a response to market trends, but also represent an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of quality and innovation. Each of our choices is driven by the desire to offer products that not only meet aesthetic expectations, but also ensure durability and functionality over time.




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